All workshops include materials/supplies. Classes last  3-5 hours. Limited class sizes.

“When We make Art,

the Art makes Us.”

Marbling: Introduction to Marbling- Marbling is the art of floating and designing watercolors on a base fluid then permanently transferring the design to paper, fabric and wood. It was developed by the Persians about the 15th century. Marbled papers were used as book endpapers and covers. Participants will learn how to prepare the paper to accept the colors, mix the paints, prepare the base fluid, float and create the designs, and transfer the designs to paper. The students will take their completed items home.  Class lasts about 5 hours. Marbling students who sign up for a bookbinding workshop are welcome to add their marbled papers to their books. 

Advanced Paper Marbling- 19thC Historical Patterns: This advanced class covers common uncombed patterns from the first half of the 19th century and earlier. We will use modern pigments as well as explore the grinding and making some of our own pigments as we learn Shell, Stormont, Glouster, Italian Hair vein and other period combed patterns.

Advanced Paper Marbling- “Ebru”: The Turks Mastered the Art of Marbling centuries ago. Many of their techniques, patterns and terms are used in Marbling. In this class you will be taught Turkish Marbling, or Ebru, the Art of Cloud Painting. No prerequisite. Class lasts 5 hours.

Bookbinding I: Virtual and In-Person Introduction to Bookbinding

The students will make a blank book which they will take home. They will learn traditional hand bookbinding, using the methods that were employed from about the 1st century up to the Industrial Revolution. The students will hand sew the book sections on a sewing frame, attach the cover boards, add leather to the spine, and cover the remainder of the cover boards in decorative paper. Class lasts about 5 hours. 

Bookbinding II: Advanced Bookbinding 

This is an advanced class only for participants who have taken the introductory Bookbinding I workshop. The students will take home a fully leather bound book. They will learn new techniques that are not taught in the basic course such as Rounding, Backing and Headbanding. Class lasts about 5 hours. 

Virtual & In-Person Introduction to Book Sewing: In this class, participants will learn sewing techniques not taught in the Bookbinding I class. In the Virtual Workshop you will learn the French Link Stitch and Double Needle Coptic Stitch. In the In-Person workshop we teach those two stitches and the Herringbone Pattern. The class will last three to four hours.

Virtual & In-Person Introduction to Book Repair:


The students will be taught basic book repair techniques, and in the process learn about the book’s components and traditional hand bookbinding methods. They will dissect a book and reassemble it. The students will deconstruct the book by detaching the covers and spine; removing the sewing; and disassembling the text. They will then reconstruct their book by performing page repair; resewing the text; and rehinging the covers and spine. The book (you may bring your own book, but please provide me with photos at least a week in advance for approval). 18 and up only. Class will last about 5 hours. 

Advanced Book Restoration: In this class the participants are taught additional techniques such as how to remove a leather spine; corner repair; and tacketing. Bookbinding I or Introduction to Book Repair are prerequisites. Class lasts 5 hours.

GOLD TOOLING: Learn how to gild leather using traditional brass bookbinding finishing tools. You will work with gold leaf and foil. Class is 3 hours. 18 and up only.